Paris, 26 April, 2016 – Azalead, the leading international platform for Account Based Marketing (ABM), today announced the general availability of its account based website personalization API. This innovation enables B2B companies to dramatically increase website engagement and marketing ROI. It does this by changing the look of your website depending on the company visiting it. A greeting by name makes for a far more personal experience and is a significant advantage in the early stages of building a relationship with a potential client.

Don’t believe that we can do that? Take another look at our homepage. Bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Now do you believe us?

Limonetik, an international online payment company, experienced a 150% uplift in conversion rates within 6 weeks of implementation. “We were delighted to see how easy it was to set up our website personalization with Azalead and we are extremely happy with the results,” stated Corinne Estève Diemunsch, Marketing director at Limonetik.

Website personalization is the latest addition to the Azalead ABM platform. The Azalead SaaS solution for ABM includes account identification, account based ad retargeting, buying signals and web analytics. Azalead ABM software is built on proprietary Company ID technology which identifies the company name and firmographics of an anonymous website visitor.

“Until today, B2B marketers could only personalize the web experience to known visitors using Marketing Automation software such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua or Hubspot. However, according to SiriusDecisions, 95% of B2B website visitors leave without ever filling in a webform. Now, Azalead clients can serve up relevant and personalized content to all website visitors and generate superior returns on their marketing programs,” stated Azalead CEO Nick Heys.

Developers can access the Azalead account based website personalization API and documentation here: