NEW YORK – October 2, 2015 –Today, Azalead announced the general availability of its Account Based Marketing (ABM) application. Azalead enables B2B marketers to nurture target accounts with display advertising and see results within weeks.

Azalead Software helps accelerate B2B sales by:

  • Identifying and targeting highest value accounts
  • Nurturing accounts with display ads throughout the sales cycle
  • Alerting sales reps when accounts are ready to engage
  • Measuring marketing impact on the sales pipeline

“B2B marketers will spend over $5B on email marketing automation by 2019. The problem with email marketing automation is that 95% of website visitors leave without filling in the webforms.” says Azalead’s CEO, Nick Heys “Azalead is growing fast because we offer B2B marketers a complementary account based advertising solution that fills the gap.”

“Azalead is having a measurable impact on our marketing performance.” says Paul Cranston, CMO, Feefo, a leading customer feedback service. “With Azalead, we now nurture our target accounts with display ads and get real-time insight into our target account activity.”

The Azalead platform uses proprietary company IP and cookie databases with machine learning to help companies build target account lists and nurture them with display advertising. “Our system is constantly getting smarter and the network effect is continually increasing performance,” adds Nick Heys. “With this innovative B2B marketing solution, we are proud to be pioneer in the emerging Account Based Marketing software category.”

For more information, visit or contact Stephanie Kidder at by phone: +1 646-491-6138 (Americas) or +33 1 82 28 89 54 (Europe).