Bonitasoft revolutionizes sales & marketing with ABM

Carole Winqwist
VP Marketing of Bonitasoft

“We have now become a hyper-aware sales & marketing organization. The Azalead platform aligns our resources around the most valuable accounts.”

Our ABM program moves the needle on top accounts

“Thanks to Azalead, we were able to grow engagement with 12 times more key accounts.”

Bruno Pinna
Global Head of Marketing and Communications of Atos, Canopy (The Atos Cloud)

iXBlue increases average deal size with Account-Based Marketing

“Azalead Account Sensing and Account-Based Regargeting helped us align sales and marketing activities on the accounts that really count.”

Guinel Cadignan
Digital Marketing Manager, iXBlue

Aciernet grew Cisco sales by 10%

“Azalead senses account activity and builds our priority list of accounts most likely to buy Cisco products.”

Julie Coudyser
Marketing Director, Aciernet, a Cisco Gold partner