Strategic ABM Tools

Strategic Account Based Marketing Tools

Designed for the Modern B2B CMO

Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Management

Optimize your total marketing budget ROI by focusing marketing resources on the accounts that count.

Build and Manage Your Target Account Lists

Account Based Marketing is a powerful strategy for up-selling and cross-selling existing accounts and/or for winning new accounts. Build target account lists including existing clients, companies that have visited website, sales pipeline and partners.

Coordinate with Your Sales Teams

Azalead monitors your target account activity and can alert sales reps when their accounts are ready to engage. Real-time marketing intelligence includes marketing engagement history, pages viewed, firmographics and contact details from CRM.

Sales Pipeline Acceleration Reports

Great for reviewing in your Monday morning sales meetings! See which pipeline accounts are most engaged and which accounts need more sales or marketing effort.

ABM Dashboards

For the CMO and digital marketing teams to see the “big picture.” Measure the performance of your ABM program. Monitor progress with target account reach, marketing engagement and sales pipeline value.

Instant Account Based Search

See which accounts viewed a certain product or service on your website. Key in the name of an account to see what web pages, emails and ads they have responded to.

Daily and Weekly Email Opportunity Reports

See new company visitors, their marketing engagement score and deep-link to see detailed engagement activity in our web or mobile apps.