We're on a mission to build the #1 international platform for ABM.


with a passion for marketing and technology, and a vision to change the world of B2B sales & marketing.

We love to experiment with new technologies that can transform the way B2B companies market and sell. Nick Heys, previously founder and CEO of Emailvision (now SmartFocus), a leading Enterprise SaaS company, saw firsthand the limitations of first generation marketing automation software.

In 2013, we launched Azalead and pioneered a new category of marketing software.

Technology breakthroughs in IP tracking, machine learning and programmatic advertising enabled us to build an integrated platform to scale Account-Based Marketing.

Today, global Enterprises such as Microsoft, IBM and BNP Paribas rely on Azalead to drive more revenue with target accounts. With backing from leading venture capital firms, Azalead is accelerating investments in research & development and becoming a pioneer in account based marketing.

We teach & challenge our customers every day.

  • We are an international software company changing the world of B2B marketing.

  • We think and act like owners. Our “can-do” attitude drives results.

  • We share ideas and experiences across teams and countries. We are a teaching & learning organization.


Azalead is led by international SaaS & B2B marketing veterans, passionate about building a unique teaching & learning company.


  • Nick Heys
    Nick Heys CEO
  • Stephanie Kidder
    Stephanie Kidder CMO
  • Rich Flati
    Rich Flati VP Customer Success
  • Jeff Lebecque
    Jeff Lebecque CFO
  • Jean-Yves Simon
    Jean-Yves Simon VP Product
  • Arnaud Acarie
    Arnaud Acarie Country Manager France
  • Laurent Le Jariel
    Laurent Le Jariel CTO
  • Meredith Bell
    Meredith Bell President Americas
  • Fanny Dutrey
    Fanny Dutrey Senior Customer
    Success Manager


  • Christophe Poupinel
    Christophe Poupinel CEO Ooreka
  • Benoit Grossman
    Benoit Grossman Managing Partner Idinvest Partners
  • Geoffroy Bragadir
    Geoffroy Bragadir Managing Partner Aurinvest
  • Nick Heys
    Nick Heys Chairman


  • Sébastien Bock
    Sébastien Bock CTO, Rakuten Marketing Services

We hire for attitude & we train for skill.

We’re picky about who we work with. That’s because we’ve built an environment where every Azaleader makes an impact. We don’t care much about diplomas. What we seek are passionate people that want to learn, teach and make things happen. That’s our culture and our promise.