We fuel your success with our expertise and passion for ABM.


with a vision to change the world of B2B marketing.

We pioneered a whole new approach to account-based marketing with our hyper-aware platform and integrated suite of ABM applications. We are the disruptive vendor in a market where most ABM programs are still too email or direct mail centric.

Our vision, technology and talent have fueled our rapid growth worldwide.

Azalead empowers manufacturing companies by making them hyper aware of their customer activity. Global Enterprises such as SealedAir, Embraer, JLL and Gemalto rely on us to grow both engagement and revenue with target accounts. With our suite of applications, our customers see less wastage, bigger deals, shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.

We teach & challenge our customers every day.

  • We are an international software company changing the world of B2B marketing.

  • We think and act like owners. Our “can-do” attitude drives results.

  • We share We are a teaching & learning organization.


Azalead is led by international SaaS & B2B marketing veterans, passionate about building a unique teaching & learning company.


  • Nick Heys CEO
  • Meredith Bell President Americas & WW Sales
  • Rich Flati VP Customer Success
  • Jean-Yves Simon VP Product
  • Walter Sharp VP Sales, Americas
  • Johan Sundstrand VP Sales, Northern Europe
  • Didier Andrieu Vice President Data & Privacy
  • Angela Heintz Head of Human Resources


  • Benoit Grossman
    Benoit Grossman Managing Partner Idinvest Partners
  • Geoffroy Bragadir
    Geoffroy Bragadir Managing Partner Aurinvest
  • Christophe Poupinel
    Christophe Poupinel CEO Ooreka
  • Nick Heys
    Nick Heys Chairman


  • Sébastien Bock
    Sébastien Bock GVP Technology Rakuten Marketing
  • Etienne Viellard
    Etienne Viellard CEO Eleius

We hire for attitude & we train for skill.

We’re picky about who we work with. That’s because we’ve built an environment where every single Azaleader makes a big impact. What we seek are passionate people that are not afraid to take risks. People who want to learn, teach and make things happen. That’s our culture and our promise.