B2B buying changed more in the last five years than any time in history.

Read more about the chaos of B2B buying and how this is leading to a downward spiral of marketing wastage, misaligned sales teams and frustrated buyers.

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Bigger Buying Committees

Ten years ago, two or three people were involved in a buying decision, even on major purchases. Today, it’s 15 people or more. This leads to more competition, commoditization and delays.

Generic Content

Just like in the B2C world, B2B buyers now expect hyper-personalized communications from their sellers. Everything has to be precisely oriented towards companies just like theirs.


Buyers now prefer to do the bulk of their research online and anonymously. As marketers, you don’t understand who’s on the other side of your website. This leads to generic content, conjecture and frustration.

The Buying Cycle

Is Much Longer Than You Think

Many influencers never engage directly with your sales reps nor see your marketing messages. They do their research anonymously, without filling in a webform.

According to research by Gartner, B2B buying cycles start over 9 months prior to the sales cycle. Today, you are engaging too late because you focus your marketing and sales resources on only the KNOWN buying committee.




The Downward Spiral

Marketing Wastage

The vast majority of your marketing resources are misused. Marketing is either wasted on non-target accounts or on email marketing automation with known contacts.

Misaligned Sales Reps

Your sales teams spend the majority of their time either idle or banging on the door of prospects that are not ready to buy, and do not want to talk to them.

Frustrated Buyers

Your buyers are frustrated because they’re constantly asked to engage even when they’re not ready. And when they do finally engage, their frustration increases because they get a generic sales pitch.


Some marketers have started to turn this chaos to their benefit. They are selling to their prospects and customers the way they want to buy.

It starts with the ability to “sense” anonymous buyers without the use of webforms. Instead of trying to turn unknown prospects into known prospects, the best marketers have learned how to identify them early – even while they remain anonymous.

Azalead offers the whole solution for account-based marketing so you can improve sales and marketing performance, educate buyers early and build a memorable buying experience.