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The World of B2B Buying Has Changed.

  • 57% of the purchase decision is over before your first sales contact. (CEB)

  • 95% of your buyer's research is done anonymously.

  • 40% more stakeholders are involved in a buying decision. (IDC)

Learn how your buyer has changed over the last 5 years.

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Stop flying blind. Stop flying blind.

For the first time, your customers know more about you -than you know about them (CEB).

Today, your buyers prefer to do their research anonymously. They are holding off until the last moment before filling out a web form or reaching out to your sales reps.

Unaware of anonymous buyer research, you rely on “spray-and-pray” marketing. But blasting irrelevant direct mail, email and ads creates frustration and wastage for both buyers and sellers. 

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The best companies have re-invented their marketing

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Seek alignment. Seek alignment.

Sync your marketing with your customer's timing & needs.

Only with hyper awareness can you align your marketing, sales and customers. When you’re in sync with your customer’s timing and needs, they will engage.


The Hyper-Aware Platform for Account-Based Marketing.

Our hyper-aware platform powers our integrated suite of applications for Account-Based Marketing. Azalead captures engagement data from all your customer contact points. Not just email. We use AI to identify anonymous buyer activity on your website.

With our suite of ABM applications, our clients engage with their accounts early in the sales cycle, build memorable buying experiences and optimize sales & marketing resource allocation.


Bigger deals
Shorter sales cycles
Higher win rates
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Global Enterprises rely on Azalead for Account-Based Marketing

"Azalead accelerates our marketing and sales growth worldwide."

Guinel Cadignan
Digital Marketing Manager , iXBlue

"We've become a hyper-aware organization. Now we align our sales and marketing around accounts most likely to buy."

Carole Winqwist
VP Marketing , Bonitasoft

“We quadrupled engagement with our top accounts."

Bruno Pinna
Global Head of Marketing , Canopy (Atos Cloud)