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Why is ABM different from Marketing Automation?

2/8/2015 Written by Nick Heys


B2B companies are expected to spend over $5B by 2019 on Marketing Automation in an effort to generate more leads for sales and automate manual marketing processes. Marketing Automation focuses on capturing leads via webforms on a website, nurturing leads by email and prioritizing leads with a scoring process before handing over to sales.


One of the biggest problems with Marketing Automation is that 95% of B2B website visitors leave without providing an email address and 80% of marketing emails go unopened. Another problem with Marketing Automation is that it tends to focus on email contacts. But in the B2B world, an average of 17 people are involved in a buying decision.


Account Based Marketing Automation is a supplement to Marketing Automation. It helps sales and marketing teams to focus on the same target accounts, nurture accounts with both email and display ads and measure marketing results at an account level.


Why you should step up to Account Based Marketing?

Because traditional Marketing Automation is not enough to move the needle with Mid-market and Enterprise accounts. ABM is used by forward thinking B2B marketers to focus on the accounts that matter, drive faster sales growth and measure marketing impact on sales.


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