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PRODUCT – Azalead Sales Acceleration Software

Azalead Automates B2B Marketing in the Full Sales Funnel


TRACK – Identify and track your business visitors. See which pages they visit, how often they come and where they come from.

NURTURE – Only 5% of web site visitors will fill out web forms to get your email marketing. However, Azalead nurtures ALL business visitors with display ad retargeting throughout the entire buying cycle.

ALERT – Most buying decisions are made before a prospect will reach out to you. Azalead monitors your website activity and alerts your sales reps when their target accounts are most likely to want to engage.

Product features

Full-Funnel B2B Marketing

Accelerate sales by tracking and nurturing business visitors throughout the entire sales cycle.

No more anonymous visitors!

Azalead’s proprietary Company ID technology filters out B2C and unidentified ISP traffic.

B2B Display Ad Nurturing

B2B ad retargeting keeps your prospects coming back for 90 days. We take care of building your ad banners and optimal campaign scenarios.

Shorter sales cycle

Contact your prospects at the right time during their buying cycle -from discovery to close .

Automated Lead scoring

See how warm each lead is depending on website visit and email response behavior.

Account Based Targeting

Identify your target accounts and set up customized alerts. Each sales rep can target their own prospects.

Lead contact sheets

Firmographic data on your visitors includes company size, sector, revenues, number of employees, address, website, phone numbers and names of top management.

Salesforce Integration

Not only can you pull customer data from Salesforce.com into Azalead but you can also push your qualified lead and contact details to your Salesforce.com account.

Export leads for CRM integration

Don’t have Salesforce? No problem. Azalead can send a csv file by email with company and visit data for import into your CRM.

Track Email Interaction

Track who opens your email campaigns directly in Azalead.

Dynamic dashboard and reports

See a firmographic profile of the types of companies that visit your website and the search terms they use to find your website.

Multiple report options

You can choose whether to receive a weekly or daily lead report by email. Reports include the list of all new business visitors, their lead score and a link to complete visitor activity.

Go global !

Conducting cross-border business? Azalead identifies and tracks business visitors from around the world.

Target that sweet spot!

Is your ideal customer from a specific industry, country or company size? Set filters to see only companies in your sweet spot.

Enterprise administration console

The administration console provides you with full control over user management, website tag management and territory management.



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