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All-in-One Pricing Solutions
for Account Based Marketing
and Retargeting.




Annual Billing

On-boarding, Creative & Training $2,500

An entry level tool for account based marketing. Perfect for small companies and start-ups.




Annual Billing

Up to 150 Target Accounts
750,000 guaranteed impressions over 12 months




Annual Billing

On-boarding, Creative & Training $3,500

Our most popular package for ABM and account based retargeting.




Annual Billing

Up to 300 Target Accounts
2 million guaranteed impressions over 12 months




Annual Billing

On-boarding, Creative & Training $5,500

An advanced ABM and retargeting package with insight into sales impact.

Up to 20K Monthly Website Visits
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Annual Billing

Up to 600 Target Accounts
3 million guaranteed impressions over 12 months


Customized offers tailored to the needs of large and global enterprises.

Our experts will work with you to understand the specific needs and requirements of your business and marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the on-boarding and training fee include?

On-boarding includes all the help you need to get up and running quickly -including site tag installation assistance, CRM and Marketing Automation integration assistance, target account setup, banner ad creative services and scenario programming. Training includes web based or on-site user training.

Where will my prospects and customers see my ads?

Azalead serves ads to your company visitors or to your target accounts across all major ad networks, exchanges, RTB’s and B2B publishers. Including Appnexus, Google DoubleClick, Bing, Linkedin and Facebook.

How do you calculate monthly website visits?

Azalead works with a simple tag on your website. A visit begins when a person first views a page on your website. The visit will continue until that person stops all activity on the site for 30 minutes. The 30 minute visit timeout period is an industry standard. It is used by most web analytics products and it is recommended by industry analysts.

Are there discounts for longer term contracts?

For a 2 year contract, we offer a 8% discount and for a 3 year contract a 15% discount. Billing is annual up-front.

Can I pay quarterly?

All Azalead contracts are for a one-year commitment, since we’ve found this gives you enough time to be successful with ABM. However, quarterly payments are available for SMB customers at an additional 10%.

Does the software subscription fee include media?

The above software subscription fees only cover technology platform usage.

How much are overage fees?

Extra 1K Monthly Website Visits $250/month
Extra Website Domain $250/month
Extra Ad Scenario $250/month
Extra 5 Users $250/month


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