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Press Release – Azalead Introduces Company Based B2B Analytics

9/10/2014 Written by Stephanie Kidder


Mobile app alerts sales reps when their target accounts visit their website.


October 9th, 2014 – Paris, France – Azalead Software, the B2B marketing analytics company, today announced the launch of the first mobile app to help sales and marketing teams win new business. The new app builds on the company’s proprietary company ID technology that identifies the names of the companies that visit a website in real time.


The Azalead mobile app provides B2B sales teams with real time alerts and customer intelligence when their target accounts visit their website. With 90% of buying decisions being made on the internet before a buyer even contacts the supplier, the ability to know early on in the process which companies are visiting your web site provides a competitive edge in the sales process. Company visitor intelligence provided by the Azalead app includes company name, company size, industry, management details, CRM contacts, number of visits, referring websites and details of website pages visited.


“In early 2014, we adopted an account based sales and marketing strategy. When we equipped our sales team with the Azalead mobile app we saw a fivefold increase in the number of sales opportunities from our website traffic and a reduction in our sales cycles” said Vincent Karashira, CEO Nextperf, a leading international adtech company.


“B2B companies only capture between 1% and 5% of their website visitors through webforms. This is leading to a lot of wasted ad spend” said Nick Heys, co-founder and CEO Azalead Software. “Now B2B companies can identify the names of those anonymous prospects that don’t fill in the webforms. Leading to up to 10 times more sales opportunities.”


Companies are seeing ever increasing traffic from outside their local markets. To meet this international business opportunity, the Azalead B2B visitor identification technology was designed to identify and provide detailed information on visiting companies worldwide.
To learn more about Azalead, visit http://azalead.com


A free trial of the Azalead app is available on the App Store and on Google Play


About Azalead Software
Azalead is the first international marketing analytics platform for B2B, transforming the way B2B companies win new business. Azalead’s proprietary real-time company ID technology identifies the names of the companies that visit a website. Azalead integrates with complementary sales and marketing applications including Salesforce.com to deliver real time and relevant intelligence to sales and marketing teams. Founded by Nick Heys and Hervé Paolini in July 2013, Azalead is used by over 100 B2B companies to drive better marketing and sales performance. The company is headquartered in Paris, France and is privately held.