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Azalead pitched in front of EuroCloud France


14/10/2014 Written by Flora Laflage


On October 8, 2014, Nick Heys had five minutes to pitch the value of Azalead to the audience at the EuroCloud France event focusing on the theme “Cloud Apps for Business.”


EuroCloud France – French branch of the European organization EuroCloud – is the first network of cloud players in Europe with 2,000 member companies in 31 countries. Eurocloud’s objective is to promote the development of cloud computing in France for the actors and the users. Since 2007, EuroCloud France annually awards trophies for Cloud computing companies. Additionally, EuroCloud sponsors the European trophies at the European Congress, which occurs every October in Luxembourg.


The event was hosted by Oodrive and sponsored by Ludovic Foreau – entrepreneur in the Cloud sector for 20 years and co-founder of Satelliz.


Eight startups in the Cloud application business introduced their growth strategies to an audience of about 50 guests and the members of the jury. The founders had to respect a strict format – five minutes to pitch their project and to update the EuroCloud Committee and audience on their progress. This was followed by 3 minutes of open questions and interaction with the audience.


The eight leaders presented the following solutions all based on the Cloud infrastructure and on SaaS.  


– Azalead: SaaS solution to accelerate sales in real-time.

– Docido: First social search engine able to bring back your clouds: your files and your network in one search.

– Doopera: Assistance service to company to face their Big Data challenges.

– Easyrecrue: Edition of software solutions for professional recruitment.

– Ewalia: A powerful tool for driving business without disruption in the operational, financial and strategic areas.

– Incenteev: The first Social Network for enterprise designed for Salesforce.

– Isogeo: Collaborative platform that can identify, document and promote your geographic data.

– Sykio: Management software for workforce services providers (elderly care, home child care, gardeners and other household services companies, hotel, temporary employment agencies …).