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TechCrunch: Azalead Ends Cold Calls By Telling You Which Company Visited Your Site


7/10/2015 Written by Romain Dillet


Romain Dillet sat down with Azalead’s Co-Founder, Nick Heys to discuss the next generation of B2B marketing. The following is an extract from the article published in TechCrunch.


“Imagine how many people end up on your company’s website looking for more information about your B2B product and never call you. These visitors are incredibly useful leads for your sales team, but you just don’t know them. Meet Azalead, a French startup that tells you which company recently visited your website and sends you alerts in real time.


“In my previous software company, the marketing department was always looking into getting more leads,” co-founder and CEO Nick Heys told me in a phone interview. “We used to get a two percent conversion rate. Yet, we spent between €30,000 and €40,000 a month in ads to get a two percent conversion rate — for 98 percent of my traffic, I was missing out on who it was.”


… Azalead is a lead generator; it makes sales people for a SaaS product more useful. They don’t have to wait for the phone to ring and can start conversations with potential clients right away. “We’re trying to put the power back in the sales guy’s hands,” CEO Nick Heys said.”


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