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Actionco: Identify unknown prospects on your website with Azalead

21/10/2014 Written by Flora Laflage


Actionco, online publisher dedicated to sales and business development, published an article on Azalead and its successful B2B analytics solution. The following is an extract from the article.


“Very few professionals complete the forms available on companies websites. This represents a real loss for them in terms of information about their prospects … This is the problem the French startup, Azalead Software, solves with its new mobile application. Azalead, created in April 2014, identifies the people browsing a website in real time and to send alerts to the sales person’s smartphone.


When a company browses the website, the sales representative receives real-time notification on his cell phone with the following information:


– The company identity (name of organization, size, industry, key figures, address, phone, key managers)

– and the browsing behavior of the visitor (source of the visit, time spent, number of visits, pages viewed).


The idea is to allow the seller to adjust his plan of attack for each prospect including the most strategic one. Moreover, the application is able to suggest hot contacts already present in Salesforce.”


Amélie Moynot is a reporter for Action Commerciale and Actionco.fr. She is in charge of covering HR issues, marketing, customer relations and business tourism.

More details the full article available in French on the Actionco website.


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