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5 promising startups, including Azalead, identified by Valerie Gombart in Le Journal du Net

20/10/2014 Written by Flora Laflage


Le Journal du Net, a French online business newspaper, often highlights key actors in the international and the French startup ecosystem. In this article, Valerie Gombart, CEO of Hi Inov – a VC for innovative tech companies – gives her list of the five most promising startups that she recently discovered. The following is an extract of her article:


“Azalead is the first international marketing analytics platform for B2B, transforming the way companies win new business. Azalead’s proprietary real-time company ID technology identifies the names of the companies that visit a website.”


Why did you choose it?


“This mobile solution that identifies anonymous visitors who pass through a website and without normally leaving any trace, allows sellers to recall real-time potential prospects. An online contact form, used to find less than 1% of the traffic, but Azalead raises this metric to 20%. Nick Heys, CEO, is also the founder of Emailvision, sold in 2010, which I had funded at the time.”


Valerie Gombart, an expert with 15 years experience in venture capital, she has funded 25 young innovative companies with private equity funds. Valerie Gombart is also the co-founder of Hi Nov, founded in 2012. Hi Inov provides equity investments from €500k to €4M. Hi Inov is dedicated to innovative growth companies in the digital economy. Their portfolio includes companies such as TagCommander, Commerce Guys, Mensquare and Geolid.


More details and startups discovery in the full article available in french on the JDN website.


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