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Create exclusive content and boost your email campaigns


Learn in this 3-part series how to create personalized cycles of pertinent and tailored emails for strategic accounts


In order to gain your target’s interest you can’t simply present your solution, no matter how interesting your service or product may be. You need to start paying attention to your content quality and create exclusive content tailored to your strategic accounts.

Follow this easy 5 rules and boost your email campaigns:

1. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes

  • Read what they read
  • Visit the trade shows they visit
  • Participate in the conferences they’re invited to
  • Know their current issues
  • Catch the hot topics that preoccupy them or the issues they are facing

2. List the top 3 themes that affect your prospect sector’s

  • Their profession
  • Their technology
  • Their type of company

3. Single out only one of them

4. Choose a line of attack and position yourself as an expert in this subject

5. Develop your content around this subject

  • White Paper
  • Video interview with Experts
  • Webinars
  • Breakfasts and seminars
  • Press releases…

This article is part of a 3-part series extracted from the Chapter 8 of our White Paper: “Create personalized cycles of pertinent and tailored emails within the strategic accounts

Read the Step 1 “Choose the right pace: don’t waste your contacts’ time or abuse their trust, or you might be blocked access to their mailbox”.


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