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Chase your prospects with the right tools

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Part 1: Chase Your Prospects with the Right Tools


Nowadays, many prospecting tools are within reach … but which should you use and for what?

The Azalead team has taken time to study this problem and provide you with a solution. In this article, discover 5 useful tools, directly adapted for B2B prospection, that will help you to efficiently chase and effectively catch your prospects.

1 – Identify your target accounts

It is very important that you identify correctly who you are targeting. This will help you better organize your “plan of attack” in the most efficient way. Large companies usually have subsidiaries that sometimes aren’t working in the same sector or don’t have the same kind of customer base. If you know the company well, or better yet the subsidiary that you are targeting, getting in touch with them will be easier.

What to use? Databases

This tool will allow you to discover a large number of companies that you previously didn’t know about, and that could be potential customers of your service. At Azalead we are using BDV Info a software that gathers approximately 135 millions companies. To reach the American marketing we use Dun&Bradstreet.

2 – Assign your key accounts

The assignment of your key accounts to a salesperson has to be done with measure. You should choose a salesperson who has skills linked to the activity of your key account, who is familiar with long B2B sales cycle, and who is able to call up his/her network. One or two salespeople can be dedicated to your key accounts, if you have several salespeople and a few key accounts you can assign one to each depending on his/her skills.

What to use? Your sales team

Look no further than down the hall to your sales team. Divide your salespeople according to which industries they have the most strength in, and dedicate them to accounts in that industry. Use this casino bonus codes to win more.

3 – Qualify your key accounts

Using an internal organization chart of your potential client will be helpful. This step is important because you need to know who is in charge and who can act during the sales cycle: decision-makers, signatories, influencers, and final users. To qualify your leads you’ll need to find names, phone numbers and email addresses of all the people that you will be interacting with. Having email addresses is key because it will help you put in place a direct marketing strategy. One person in your company should be dedicated to qualifying leads, if you don’t have the “manpower”, you can externalize this process.

What to use? LinkedIn Sales Navigator

At Azalead we use the search engine LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With its’ many filters, you can easily identify the main actors working (for how long, at what position) in your prospect key account.

4 – Use the CRM

It’s a very precious tool that prevent you from making mistakes and will allow you to follow the steps of a long B2B sales cycle. All of your contact history with your clients or potential clients should be filed. This will allow you to schedule tasks and reminders. You’ll remind your clients that are at their disposal and will not miss any of their needs. You will also be able to generate lists and better follow the day to day activities of your salespeople. At Azalead we use Salesforce and ask our sales team to send all of their emails from the platform.

What to use? A CRM platform

There are plenty of CRM platforms out there. You can find one depending on your industry and size of business. Check out: SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Act!

5 – Master the internal buying process

Once you’ve been through all the steps mentioned above, you should get to know the internal buying process of your prospect.

Make yourself known to the buying department in order to be listed as a potential supplier. In order to win contracts and tenders, you need to know your competitors well and also when is the best time to show yourself to your prospect. Usually it’s best during end of a contract or renewal period. Remember to always monitor for this kind of opportunity and to know if you are eligible for it. You can usually find the eligibility criteria by from the company size and revenue.

What to use? Intescia

Intescia will keep you notified on all the tenders in the public sector. Also following RSS streams is a good idea, as this will help you to keep up with the external needs of your prospects.


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