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7 Key Steps

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7 Steps for B2B Sales Success


B2B Sales team get your prospects to buy from you!  

STEP 1: Qualify and Learn

Goal: Learn as much as you can about your prospect

Do the research that will help you position your solution:

  • Company size – revenue and number of employees
  • Website traffic
  • The number of potential users for your product or service (LinkedIn)
  • The names of key decision makers
  • The name of the CRM software used: can be found with the online tool BuildWith (Google extension)
  • The dedicated budget: try to find the budget dedicated to the offer or the tool that looks the closest to your own offer/service
  • Remember that B2B is all about adding value – you need to know how your customer’s business works and how your product can add value to it

STEP 2: Getting in touch

Goal: Facilitate the initial phone call

  • What to do:
    • Prepare a personalized email according to the information you collected during the classification step
    • Track when your recipients email is opened using tools such as Signals or Sidekick
    • Connect to your prospect using LinkedIn, Viadeo or Twitter: make sure, if you can, to personalize your “get in touch message.”

STEP 3: Introduction phone call

Goal: Sell the demo of your product

What to do:

  • Get in touch by phone with the decision-maker
  • Present your company: give answers to the basic questions so they can see how you can add value
  • Validate the data you collected: it is very important to make sure the data you have is usable
  • Demonstration proposal: with live or pre-recorded screensharing

STEP 4: Online demonstration

Goal: Sell a free test

What to do:

  • Present your product: try the screensharing!
  • Collect information in order to estimate the ROI: conversion rate, amount of average deal

STEP 5 : Free test

Goal: Show the ROI of your solution

What to do:

  • Follow step by step the setting up of your test solution ??
  • A week after the customer starts testing the solution, organize an assessment meeting with the decision-makers
  • Export the leads
  • Have a powerpoint presentation with a ROI calculator and your commercial offer

STEP 6: Assessment test

Goal: Present the leads and ROI and finally present your offer

What to do:

  • Present the assessment: use the screensharing mode
  • Offer a live personnalized demonstration
  • Analyze the identified leads as a result of your solution
  • Calculate the ROI, discuss the offer
  • Collect data for your commercial proposal

STEP 7: Closing/ Negotiation  

Goal: Get a signed sale order

What to do:

  • Prepare two or three different sale orders
  • Schedule a phone or physical appointment to present your final commercial offer
  • Complete your closing on site or later using the tool Docusign


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