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10 Golden Rules

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10 Golden Rules to create a Powerful B2B Banner Ad


With Summer coming to an end and everyone coming home from their holidays, it’s time to make sure that you keep your creative content as fresh as you are after spending weeks lying on a beach in Spain somewhere! As a marketing executive, you know that any ad campaign is only as good as the brief it is based on. Give the creatives a bad brief and the best they can give you is an ineffective campaign, but give them a good brief and they’ll give you a campaign that generates the leads you want. If you put these ads in front of the right people at the right time, which you will now that you know about Account Based Retargeting, you can boost your business and reduce your wasted spending all at the same time.

Want to know how? We’ve got you covered. In this article you will discover the 10 golden rules needed to create clickable banners that will have your sales blooming.

Rule 1: Come up with an attractive offer

To attract traffic to your site, your banner should highlight an attractive product, such as a white paper or an invitation to a webinar.

Rule 2: Define your call to action

Use one or two simple key words such as “click here” or “free”.

Rule 3: Set up dedicated landing page

Your landing page needs to be attractive, straightforward and understandable at first glance.

Rule 4: Use a title and a subtitle

It has to be short and summarize the offer clearly.

Rule 5: Think multi format

Increase your chances to be seen by offering several formats of your banners.

Rule 6: Use emotion to drive action

Say it quick, say it well. The attention span of a modern internet consumer is low. Use emotion to convince your prospects to click.

Rule 7: Adopt the website codes (colours, typology, pictures)

Stay consistent with your brand image so that the user can recognize you through your banners. This will help to reduce the bounce rate.

Rule 8: Choose warm colors

Did you know that orange and red more effectively attract users to call to action buttons? Choose warm colours.

Rule 9: Give ‘em a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Like steak, you don’t want to “overdo” it. Keep it simple. Your banner will only appear for a few seconds in a small sidebar. Keep it simple to attract prospects.

Rule 10: Don’t forget to draw a checklist. Keep your agency on the same page by discussing the following bullet points:

Calendar – Size – Offer – Imagery – The title and catchphrases – Call to action – Redirection URL – The scenario

There you have it – the 10 Golden Rules to creating a powerful and clickable banner ad campaign that will help your company spring into action. To conclude, (1) have a great headline, (2) use emotion to drive action, and (3) define your call to action.


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