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Azalead + Pardot =increase conversion rates
from high-value leads

Generate higher quality leads with Pardot B2B Web Forms

Add real-time website visitor intelligence to web forms

Identify companies from their first visit with Azalead Company ID and push appended company data such as company name, national ID, #employee, industry and country directly into Salesforce Pardot.

Improve the quality of collected data

Azalead injects company data that is standardized and normalized. Website visitors declare that they often enter false data in web forms. Incorporating data directly from Azalead into your marketing automation platform improves the quality of data collected.

Increase conversion rates with shorter forms

The shorter the form the more likely website visitors are to complete it. Using Azalead B2B Forms means you collected detailed high value company data with less required data fields. Increased data means sales and marketing teams can spend less time qualifying new leads.

Azalead - Pardot Landing pages

Create personalized, targeted Salesforce Pardot Landing Pages

Customize landing pages from the first visit

Less than 5% of website visitors identify themselves through web forms. Azalead Company ID technology recognizes what company or industry anonymous visitors are from allowing you to deliver personalized landing pages to unregistered visitors.

Design compelling, personalized landing pages for target accounts

Adapt the offer and content on landing pages to engage target accounts more effectively. With the Azalead and Pardot integration, customize your landing pages for target accounts. Providing timely, adapted content to deals in your pipeline will help accelerate sales.

Azalead - Pardot B2B Forms