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Nurturing with display ads – not just for B2C!

23/09/2015 Written by Stephanie Kidder


Retargeting, has long been a favorite marketing tool for eCommerce sites, and now B2B marketers are jumping on the bandwagon. Display ad retargeting reminds (overly!) busy B2B marketers of your company’s products or services after they’ve left your site. Integrating company-based tracking technology with display ad retargeting makes it even more powerful by focusing ad spend on the companies that bring the most value. As a part of your Account Based Marketing strategy, this is essential for nurturing anonymous visitors from target accounts.


Here are a few tips for successful Account Based Advertising campaigns:


How are you measuring success?

Unlike marketing to consumers, it’s not just the almighty click that is important. Sales cycles in B2B are longer and the impulse by is rare. If you are practicing account based marketing you’ve identified which companies you’d like to win as customers. In this case, success should measured by engagement from those target customers. What is your reach among these accounts? How engaged are they? This criteria should be included in your KPIs when measuring the success of your B2B Advertising campaigns.


Know your website goals

Before launching your campaigns, it is best to know what goals you have for your website visitors. In B2B marketing, common objectives maybe requesting a demo, downloading a white paper or creating a trial account. Also important is branding and visibility. Most buying decisions are not made during the first visit. Visual reminders of your brand during a one, two or three month period after the last visit are often just what is needed to help clinch the deal.


Develop segmented scenarios

Visitors to your website are not all equal. First time visitors are probably just discovering your company or product. As visitors go to more specific product pages or technical details of your website, they may be moving towards a decision stage. Display banners should be adjusted accordingly. Deliver product ads to users who visited product pages, free demo ads to users who visited the pricing page or white paper downloads to blog readers.  


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Refresh your creative

Seeing the same banner from your company over a three month period, may remind your prospect of your company, but it can lead to ad fatigue. As users see your ads multiple times the likelihood of clicking drops if they are constantly seeing the same ad. Have multiple versions of each banner ad and switch them out after a month or alternate them. Using multiple product or content specific banners also is a great way to segment your retargeting campaigns and make them more effective.


Adjust the ad duration for your sales cycles


B2B sales cycles can vary greatly depending on industry and average deal size. 90 day retargeting durations cover short to medium length sales cycles. For longer sales cycles, you might want to extend the duration to six or even twelve months. Adjust the number of ads a prospect will see during the month to accommodate. Layer multiple campaigns during this period if they come back to your site to increase the impact.


Upsell/Cross Sell

Don’t forget about selling more to your existing customers. Retargeting can be a great tool to drive upsells and cross sells to your customer base. For example, a software company can retarget existing customers who login to their app. Retarget these customers with upgrade offers or the latest white paper about a new product.


Step up to Azalead company-based retargeting

Azalead identifies, tracks and targets ads only to the business visitors to your website. Thus eliminating ad wastage to non-business visitors. We provide a turnkey company based ad nurturing solution including ad copy, creative, planning and optimization. This service is an integral part of the Azalead Account Based Marketing solution. Contact-us for a demo.

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