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How does personalized advertising facilitate sales?

26/4/2016 | Written by Nathalie Schmidt

Do you know about personalized advertising? It means using data collected about a particular potential prospect and/or client in order to reach them with content personalized to them individually according to their position in the buying cycle. For example, a company only starting out in the search for a particular product might receive more general information about what is available, whereas a company further through the buying cycle might receive more specific information about how a certain product could add value to their specific company’s operations.


Thanks to this data, an approach — based on the true needs of each target account — can be adopted, significantly increasing the impact of lead generating campaigns.


In order to set up personalized advertising, the first step is to gather and analyze data from your sales and marketing departments to come up with a profile of your best clients, based on specific characteristics (financial data, strategic data, etc.). From this information a target account list can be established. Among the criteria to be taken into account is, for example, the frequency of a prospect’s visits to your website, the existing companies in your sales pipeline, or your sales team’s dream prospects. Once the list has been defined, you can begin to launch your personalized advertising campaign which offers four principal benefits:


  • Streamline your publicity efforts
  • Deploy a unique sales approach
  • Reduce advertising pressure on your clients
  • Give the targeted solutions that clients expect


The benefit offered by this personalization is that advertising essentially makes more sense to your accounts. They all see so many ads for so many different things in their daily lives that unless a message is immediately relevant to something they want, they tune it out. If you do your homework about a particular account, you know what message will have that magic level of relevance to make them actually pay attention to it. This enables you to stop wasting time and money putting ads in front of people who’ll tune them out because they aren’t relevant enough. How do you do this homework though? This is where your sales and marketing activities need to be aligned with one another. It’s marketing’s job to know the relevant information about a prospect, and it’s sales’s job to sell the product to them. But if these two can work together, marketing can give sales all the information they need to most effectively tailor a message to the prospect.

You now understand that personalization consists of reaching often-dormant prospects, and that client data within the sales and marketing departments is fundamental in contextualizing and integrating your offers into relevant scenarios for your targets.


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