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Guide to Building Your Target Account List

24/5/2015 Written by Liz Hammond

Building an ideal customer profile (ICP)

Start off by looking at your best existing customers, then list your ideal customer attributes taking into account:

  1. Historical sales data: profitability, sales cycle, deal size
  2. Firmographics: Industry sector, size of company, geography
  3. Internal Systems: complementary products, replacement products, type of partners
  4. Strategic goals: win competitor’s clients, regional expansion, new markets


Building a target account list

These are the key accounts that you have decided to win (in agreement with sales) over the coming months. The best way to get started is to build a list from the following sources whilst keeping in mind your Ideal customer profile (ICP):

  1. Most active website visitors
  2. Sales Pipeline
  3. Existing Clients
  4. Sales Named Accounts
  5. Sales Dream Prospects


How to identify the “stakeholders” in your target accounts.

This is usually a role for the sales reps – although can be part of the marketing role. Many companies have their sales reps “map out” the names and roles of the decision makers and influencers in the target organization. One of the most popular research tools is Linkedin Sales Navigator.


How best to reach out and engage with your target accounts.

The most popular marketing channels for nurturing target accounts are email and display ads.


To identify your stakeholder email addresses, our clients use tools like Google, Rapportive, Email Hunter, Voila Norbert and Email Checker, to name a few.


Build engaging content including white papers, blog posts and case studies. Then:

– Send automated drip email messages.

– Send automated display ad nurturing messages

– Follow target account stakeholders on Twitter and Linkedin


How to know if your ABM program is working.

By setting up a Company ID system with an ABM automation vendor, you can alert your sales reps whenever one of their target accounts engages with your marketing programs. This helps them get through to their target accounts at the right time and accelerates the sales cycle.


Integrate your ABM Automation up with your Marketing Automation and CRM systems to get a complete view on your marketing impact on sales.


Start off by measuring your reach (% of target accounts that see with your marketing content), then progress to measuring marketing engagement and finally track how you impact the value of the sales pipeline with target accounts.


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