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Case Study – Tigerlily



“Tigerlily, unifies Sales & Marketing around strategic accounts”

The Context

In early 2014, Tigerlily launched SLEEK, a SaaS solution for large brands to manage their social networks. With SLEEK, the marketing, communications and customer service departments can collaborate on their social network activities. Today, SLEEK is used by leading e-commerce, travel, entertainment and telecom companies.


The stakes

Right after the launch of SLEEK, traffic to the www.sleekapp.io website grew strong bolstered by Google Paid Search marketing campaigns. Key KPIs in Google Analytics, such as number of visits, time on site, bounced traffic… were all in the green. However, Tigerlily had no idea which companies were visiting and the sales team complained that inbound leads were not qualified. Management decided they needed to find a new way to generate more targeted leads.


The solution

Upon launching Azalead B2B analytics, the Tigerlily marketing team was able to see which companies were visiting their website and segment them by industry and company size. This led to a strategy session with the sales team where they compiled a list of 2,500 target accounts. The marketing budget was then focused on acquiring and nurturing these accounts.

Each strategic account is assigned to a sales rep. The sales reps use the Azalead mobile app to track business visitor activity and set up their target account alerts. Real-time alerts include an engagement score and details of website pages visited. Additionally, Tigerlily uses the Azalead Email Tracker to alert sales reps when their target account open an email campaign.

«Thanks to Azalead, we now focus our marketing spend only on strategic accounts and our sales team contact their named accounts at just the right time.»

Matthieu Chéreau, CEO and founder Tigerlily


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