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Customer study – TED

“Using Account Based Marketing improved the sales performance of our new software launch.”

The context

TED offers an innovative accounting software solution designed for small and medium sized businesses. In order to sell their software to certified accountants, TED recruited a new sales team and decided to concentrate 100% of their sales efforts on named target accounts.

Improved Sales strategy

Working on prospects outside of their key identified accounts was not a priority. To best allocate its sales resources, TED decided to focus on target accounts that had shown some interest in their product, such as a visit to their website. The company looked to find a simple sales tool that would do the job and get them the best return on their investment. A flexible and cost effective SaaS solution seemed to best fit their needs.

The chosen solution

TED chose Azalead Software to help them get the most out of their new Account Based Marketing strategy. During two workshop sessions involving marketing and sales, they were able to identify the criteria of their ideal customer profile and establish a target account database (including email and phone numbers) for their prospecting. All target accounts were divided up between the sales managers. Each had the directive to focus all of their sales efforts on these accounts.

To generate interest from their target accounts, Azalead helped TED design a yearly email campaign plan. Campaign content includes information that is relevant and valuable to the certified accountants they are targeting. Each campaign includes an offer driving them to the TED web site.

Thanks to the Azalead solution, each website visitor is scored based on their website behavior and an alert is sent in real time to each sales manager whenever a key account visits their website. The sales manager is then able to contact each target account at just the right time throughout the sales cycle.

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“ In only just the first month of using Azalead, we won a new account that covered the cost of the subscription fee over the next few years.”

Xavier De Labarrière President TED, Accounting Software Solutions for Small & Medium Size Businesses