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Case Study – SensioLabs, Open Source Software Company



” We use Azalead as a major source for our B2B sales leads worldwide.”

The Context

SensioLabs is dedicated to Symfony and PHP, a widely-used open source scripting language. The company offers software development, training, events and consulting services for building solid web projects. SensioLabs has over 80 employees, a network of experts and partners and offices in France, Germany, the UK and the USA. SensioLabs now has a client base of over 150 companies in over 30 countries.


The stakes

In order to accelerate sales growth in their key markets, SensioLabs wanted to leverage their website traffic to feed their growing B2B sales teams. With over 10 thousand visitors per month, traffic to the SensioLabs’ web sites, http://training.sensiolabs.com and http://sensiolabs.com/ was significant, but they were just not converting enough leads. They had two main issues :

  • Website web forms only generated 10 leads a week.
  • A significant portion of their web site visitors are independent software developers and Symfony community members who are not qualified prospects for the SensioLabs B2B sales teams.

SensioLabs evaluated a number of different solutions on the market before selecting Azalead as their B2B lead generation tool.


The solution

SensioLabs used the Azalead application to tag their hot pages and set up their territory management rules. This allows each local sales team to see their country specific leads and understand which SensioLab product was of interest to each lead.

SensioLabs runs a rigorous inside sales program for each lead generated by Azalead. The Azalead lead score indicates the level of engagement and allows the sales teams to prioritize their sales calls. The detailed website page visit details give the sales team precious information to tailor their discussions with their prospects.

« Within the first month of implementing Azalead, our sales team signed 7 new clients and detected a deal worth hundreds of thousands of Euros. »

Grégory Pascal, Co-Founder and General Manager of SensioLabs


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