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Customer Study – Repmo



” We decreased our sales cycles thanks to Azalead Marketing Automation. “

The context

REPMO sells end-to-end equipment from leading industrial manufacturers. Their sales cycles are relatively long and it’s a real challenge for the sales team to stay in touch with all of their prospects throughout the decision process.


The solution

Azalead B2B analytics and real-time alerts helps REPMO identify and track business prospects on their website throughout the buying cycle. They are informed when each target account visits their website and which products their prospects are most interested in.

As business prospects navigate away from the REPMO website, they continue to see customized REPMO advertising banners. REPMO use Azalead to remarket all of their business visitors, not just those that filled in a webform. This allows REPMO to stay top of mind with ALL of their business prospects and keeps them engaged throughout the buying journey.


The results

Azalead’s full funnel marketing automation helps the Repmo sales team close deals with shorter sales cycles.

« We decreased our sales cycles thanks to Azalead’s Account Based Marketing Automation. »

Guilhem Gravier, COO, Repmo


Improving sales performance with Account Based Marketing.



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