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Customer Study – Nextperf

“The Azalead dashboards show us the level of marketing commitment for each of our key accounts and help our sales reps to close sales faster.”

Vincent Karachira, CEO – Nextperf


Nextperf is a market leader in B2C retargeting solutions, with sales teams in France, Brazil, Germany, Italy and the United States. After several years of strong, consistent growth driven by innovative retargeting technology, the company decided to prepare for their new phase of development with more efficient sales and marketing approach using Account Based Marketing (ABM).


Nextperf started with an analysis of the long-term profitability of its clients (lifetime value) and the client acquisition cost (CAC). This analysis allowed them to define their “Ideal Customer Profile” (ICP) and to pinpoint a strategic client list.

Using this list, the company was able to align its marketing and sales teams around common targets.

Nextperf needed a software solution that would automate their ABM strategy globally.


Nextperf chose Azalead because of its performance in identifying companies on an international level.

Nextperf started with an Azalead tag on their website and integrated Azalead with their marketing automation system. This placed their strategic accounts under close surveillance. Equipped its marketing and sales teams with the Azalead mobile app. Now, the Nextperf strategic accounts are monitored under close surveillance.

The marketing team regularly runs email and ad campaigns to nurture target accounts. The sales reps are notified in real-time when one of their key accounts visits the website, opens an email campaign or clicks on a retargeting ad. All these activities are synchronized automatically with Salesforce.com at an account level.

Thanks to Azalead ABM dashboards and scorecards, management can seewho are the hottest strategic accounts most likely to close, and which accounts need more nurturing.


With Azalead, Nextperf won 45% more strategic accounts and dramatically accelerated sales revenue.

“Azalead allowed us to launch our Account Based Marketing strategy in only a few weeks and to noticeably accelerate the pipeline of our sales reps.”

Anissa Sersoub, Marketing Manager – Nextperf


Improving sales performance with Account Based Marketing.



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