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Customer study – Nextperf

“Increasing sales efficiency with an Account Based Marketing strategy.”

The context

Nextperf is a European leader in retargeting solutions with offices around the world including France, Brazil, Germany and Italy. After years of strong, consistent growth thanks to their innovative retargeting technology, Nextperf felt that improving the efficiency of their sales and marketing activities when dealing with their named key accounts was essential for the next phase of development.

Improved Sales strategy

Nextperf analyzed the profitability of its customers and categorized them based on the lifetime value of each client. The final results showed very significant differences in acquisition costs for different types of customers. With this new segmentation in hand, Nextperf was able to define a sales acquisition strategy that takes into account the TCO (Total cost of ownership) for new customers.

Taking this analysis a step further they were able to identify their “Sweet Spot” and identify new, similar target accounts.

Management identified a strategic list of prospects that the company decided to win in the coming quarters. Using an Account Based Marketing strategy, the sales team was re-organized around this target list of objectives.

In order to support this new sales strategy, Nextperf decided to implement “top of funnel” company visitor identification technology.

The chosen solution

Azalead accompanied Nextperf in the conception and implementation of their new Account Based Marketing strategy. The next step was to equip the sales team with the Azalead mobile app. Thanks to this new app, the sales team is notified in real-time when their target accounts go to the Nexperf website. This allows the sales rep to contact the prospect at just the right moment.


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“ With Azalead we were able to implement our new Account Based Marketing strategy in just a couple of weeks. ”

Peggy Housset – Head of sales, France & Southern Europe

“ The real-time alerts have made a noticeable impact on the success of our marketing and sales activities. For example, the time to close a recent deal in Germany was clearly accelerated thanks to these alerts”

Anissa Sersoub – Marketing Executive