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Customer Study ITS Integra

“With Azalead our marketing and sales teams are better aligned around our strategic accounts.”

Jean-Michel Benard, President, ITS Group


ITS Integra is a leading company in France in hosting, managing services and cloud computing. They accompany their customers throughout their information system chain. ITS Integra has customers in very diverse sectors ranging from software companies to the public sector, from etailers to media agencies. The diversity of customers made it difficult to define a segment of priority leads for marketing and commercial hunting.


The marketing and sales teams felt they were not working enough on the same accounts in a coordinated fashion. Aligning the efforts of the sales and marketing teams on the same list of target accounts became a priority.


The kickoff meeting with Azalead allowed the marketing and sales teams to analyze the profiles of their best clients and to come to an agreement on a list of priorities for the target accounts

Azalead then helped the marketing team integrate the Azalead solution into the CRM systems and the automated marketing of ITS Integra email.

Azalead launched a B2B retargeting program in order to provide sales reps with an “aerial surveillance” of their target accounts throughout the sales cycle.

The sales reps benefit greatly from the alerts and visit sheets via the Azalead mobile app. They make contact with their key accounts at the best moment, allowing them to prioritize their follow-ups and to concentrate their efforts on the hottest key accounts.


The coordinated efforts of the marketing and sales services with the Azalead Software have won them three new key accounts within three months.

“Integrating Azalead into our automated marketing and CRM allows us to see the impact of our internet marketing campaigns on our sales pipeline.”

Jan Gabriel, Marketing Director

“Azalead gives us a head start over our competitors on sales opportunities.”

Charles Pringault, Sales Director


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