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Customer Study – EcoMundo

“Thanks to the integration of Azalead and Salesforce.com, we have a formidable weapon to accelerate our sales.”

Fangcun Zhou, Sales Manager


EcoMundo provides consulting services to help companies to conform to European regulations on chemical risk. The company also sells specialized software. The marketing and sales team is made up of 5 people. EcoMundo targets small, medium and large accounts in 32 countries.


The sales team is made up of environmental experts – who accompany their clients throughout their environmental compliance projects. EcoMundo’s sales strategy is based on a personalized and targeted approach. As mass emailing and cold calling was out of question, an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy fit as the natural solution.


Using the Azalead software, EcoMundo started by analyzing their best customers and the most active companies on their website. On this basis, they were able to establish a list of target companies. This file has been supplemented with companies that are similar in both size and activity.

EcoMundo has put into place a qualification operation for their key accounts in order to identify the key stakeholders in each target account. These contacts were added to Salesforce.com for email campaigns. Azalead assisted EcoMundo in integrating Azalead with Salesforce.com, and in setting up their B2B ad nurturing program. Azalead B2B ad nurturing provides “air cover” for sales reps throughout their sales cycle. It builds awareness and engagement with target accounts, even if they did not provide an email address.

Azalead alerts allow sales reps reach out to target accounts at the right time following a marketing engagement. Thanks to the Azalead/Salesforce integration, sales reps can easily find the right contact person for this account. Azalead tracking allows sales reps to see which website pages were viewed. This real time sales knowledge provides them a competitive advantage.


In just three months, EcoMundo generated an increase in the value of its sales pipeline by 27%.

“Azalead lets sales reps know who the priority contacts are when following up on our marketing efforts.”

Baptiste Saugeron, Marketing Web Manager

“Azalead B2B retargeting allows us to inform our prospective targets using the right amount of advertising pressure.”

Marion Allayrangue, Marketing Manager


Improving sales performance with Account Based Marketing.



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