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Customer Study – BDA London



“Azalead marketing automation has become our #1 source of new business opportunities”

The context

BDA London is an award winning creative agency.

The agency produces a highly regarded blog and email newsletter targeted to fashion, retail and design professionals. Thanks to its high-quality and fresh content, the blog attracts significant natural search traffic. Most prospects however, visit the blog directly and less than 5% of visitors sign-up for the email newsletter.

The BDA London email marketing program was therefore limited to only a small proportion of their potential prospects.


The solution

BDA London implemented Azalead B2B marketing automation in order to:

1 ) Identify and track all business visitors to the blog and website

2 ) Automatically retarget business prospects with display ads

3 ) Alert the BDA London business development team when a prospect reaches “hot” score.


The results

BDA London built up an ad retargeting list of over 2,000 business prospects. By contacting their hot Azalead prospects via Linkedin, management doubled the new business sales pipe within 3 months.


” Azalead marketing automation has become our #1 source of new business opportunities. “

Dave Edgar, Partner, BDA London


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