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Customer Study Archipelia

“With Azalead we were able to get a head start on our competitors for some wonderful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects.”

Salima Mekhalif – Responsable Téléprospection, Archipelia


Over the past 10 years Archipelia has grown to become a leading SaaS based ERP vendor. They target SMBs in the retail, trading and manufacturing sectors. Archipelia has a marketing team that is continuously on the lookout for new marketing B2B marketing technology that can improve sales performance. The sales team is made up of a teleprospecting (prospecting and qualification) and field sales reps.


Archipelia was looking for a solution that would permit them to:

  1. Feed new leads to the teleprospecting team regularly
  2. Manage their Account Based Marketing (ABM) program
  3. Increase sales & marketing ROI by concentrating on strategic accounts


During the Azalead ABM kick-off meeting, Archipelia used Azalead to analyze the most active clients and prospects. The marketing and sales teams worked with their Azalead Customer Success Manager (CSM) to determine their ideal customer profile and come up with an initial target account list.

Archipelia carries out nurturing campaigns to their target account list. They integrated Azalead with their marketing automation system in order to track target account engagement with email – in addition to the Azalead display ads and website tracking.

The marketing and sales teams meet regularly around the Azalead ABM Scorecards to see how their digital marketing efforts impact their target account list and sales pipeline. Azalead B2B analytics allow them to see which target accounts are being reached, which are most engaged and which accounts still need nurturing.


In just a few weeks, Azalead enabled Archipelia to identify and accelerate the sales cycle on three new substantial business opportunities.

“Azalead accompanies us on our Account Based Marketing strategy and facilitates the work of our sales people.”

Robin Pirez – Directeur Marketing, Archipelia


Improving sales performance with Account Based Marketing.



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