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Simply Powerful Account Based Marketing

Holy-Dis is expanding into new verticals and shortening sales cycles with Azalead.


The Context

Holy-Dis is an international leader in optimized solutions for Human Resources (Workforce Management – WFM). The company sells software to verticals such as Contact Centers, Retail, Logistics and Catering. Holy-Dis has over 3,500 clients in 42 countries and has offices in Belgium, France, Brazil and Spain.

The Stakes

Holy-Dis wanted to diversify its client base and accelerate sales growth by expanding into new industry verticals.

The Solution

The marketing team went shopping for next-generation marketing tools that could help them better manage inbound sales opportunities from their website traffic. After selecting and launching Azalead, Holy-Dis experienced three major benefits :

  • New leads from target verticals The marketing team uses Azalead to identify visiting companies on their website and filter the leads that match their target verticals. Prospects are then qualified and passed on to the Telesales team to take appointments. Sales reps use the website page visit information in Azalead to tailor their pitch.
  • Increased penetration within existing key accounts Azalead provides tools to identify new business opportunities within existing key accounts (based on customer website behavior). The marketing team uses Azalead to track key account activity and trigger sales opportunity alerts for their field sales reps.
  • Shorter sales cycles Holy-Dis had relatively long sales cycles – between 6 to 24 months. The ability to track the engagement of their prospects throughout this period is a competitive advantage. By receiving alerts when a key account is visiting the web site or reading an email means the sales rep can now contact accounts at just the right moment -and close more deals quicker.