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Simply Powerful Account Based Marketing

“With Azalead, we now have the right tools to accelerate sales”.

Fangcun Zhou, Sales Manager



EcoMundo provides consulting services and software to help companies to conform to European regulations on chemical risk. EcoMundo targets small, medium and large accounts in 32 countries.

Marketing and Sales Challenges

The sales team is made up of environmental experts – who accompany their clients throughout their environmental compliance projects. EcoMundo’s sales strategy is based on a personalized and targeted approach.

The Solution

EcoMundo use Azalead to identify and track the most active accounts on their website. They use the software to identify key stakeholders and email contact. These contacts are synched with Salesforce.com for email campaigns. Azalead automatically nurtures target accounts with ad messages throughout the sales cycle. This builds visibility, awareness and engagement with target accounts.

Azalead buying signal alerts allow sales reps to reach out to target accounts at the right time -following a marketing engagement. Through the Azalead/Salesforce integration, sales reps can easily find the right contact person for this account. Azalead account analytics allows sales reps to see which website pages were viewed. This real time sales enablement provides a competitive advantage.


After three months, EcoMundo generated an increase in sales pipeline by 27%.