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Dupliprint stepped up to Account Based Marketing to meet ambitious revenue growth targets.



The Dupliprint Group is a leader in the digital printing industry. The company centers around two complementary activities: traditional printing services and the SoFive service to manage all communication campaigns through a single platform. Having experienced several years growth at 10%, Dupliprint decided to accelerate with Account Based Marketing and Azalead.

Sales Objectives

The company wanted to expand technology revenues and reduce sales cycles from their current 6-month average. In order to grow revenues for the SoFive platform from 10% to over 30%, Dupliprint decided to focus on strategic accounts. To reduce sales cycles, the company looked for a technological solution that would help sales reps be more reactive by providing timely, useful information about their target prospects’ interests and activities.

The Solution

Azalead helped Dupliprint identify and analyze the accounts generating most of their revenue. From this it was determined that there were three priority segments where Dupliprint had a strong expertise: automotive, banking & insurance and franchise networks. The next step was to compile a list of all of the companies working in these sectors. Each of the these target accounts were allocated to a sales manager. The marketing team devised marketing campaigns addressing  target accounts using existing content, webinars and interactive live demos. Sales reps receive an alert each time a target account engages on the website, email or ads. This has allowed the Dupliprint sales team to focus their efforts on profitable accounts showing a recent interest in their products. « The real time alerts generated by Azalead have helped us be more reactive and helped us reduce the sales cycle. Azalead has helped us exceed our growth objectives.” Frédéric Fabi, Founder, Dupliprint, Digital Printing Technologies