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Aciernet Success Story

Sales performance increased by 10% with B2B retargeting

“Azalead enabled us to build an initial target account list including companies we did not even know.”

Julie Coudyser, Marketing Manager


Cisco sells through a network of partner resellers including Aciernet. In order to boost marketing and sales performance with Aciernet, Cisco studied various B2B marketing software solutions and selected Azalead ABM Software.


Before implementing Azalead, Aciernet did not have an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. Marketing was dependent on manual email and social marketing campaigns. In addition, the sales team did not have an effective means to prioritize prospects to call.


Here are some Aciernet’s results using Azalead:

  • Sourced 25% of initial target account list with Company ID Technology on website.
  • Reached 30% of target accounts within 4 months with B2B Retargeting.
  • Sales performance increased by 10% with B2B retargeting and realtime sales alerts.



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