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01/21/2016 | Written by Stephanie Kidder


Today, we released our new Account Selection & List Management Toolbox. We recognize that Account Based Marketing success starts by selecting the right target accounts to focus both your sales and marketing efforts.



Most of you already have a target account list when you kick off your ABM programs. Target account sources include a simple list provided by sales, a synch with your CRM, 3rd party data such as D&B or using predictive account selection tools such as Datanyze and Lattice-Engines.


An excellent complementary source for building a “warm” target account list is looking at anonymous companies that visit your website. Azalead Company ID identifies the companies that visit your website and scores each account according to website behaviour. On average, our clients generate 25% of their target account list from website visitors they did not even know existed or were interested.


Our Account Selection and List Management Toolbox goes way beyond a simple listing of anonymous website visitors. We have rebuilt our original “Livefeed” feature and turned it into a powerful account selection and tagging tool. Now you can monitor your anonymous website visitors and tag them for analysis.


We have added three types of “Action Tags”, “Segment Tags” and “Custom Tags”.


Action Tags include: :

  • “Target” tag to send retargeting ads to this account.
  • “Alert” tag to build a watchlist and get real-time alerts when this account engages with any of your digital marketing programs or visits your website.
  • “ISP” tag to report this account as a “false positive” to our data team.
  • “Blacklist” tag to exclude this company from reports and actions (this replaces our old “Excluded Tag”).


Segment Tags include:

  • 1 ● Customer
  • 2 ● Prospect
  • 3 ● Competitor
  • 4 ● Partner

Segment tags can help you sort your accounts for analysis and potential retargeting.


Custom Tags can be built on the fly by any user. For example, you may want to flag a company visitor as a “Supplier” or “Investor”.




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