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Account Based Retargeting Predicted To Take 2016 By Storm.
B2B Marketers, Get Used To Seeing ABR!

01/27/2016 | Written by Liz Hammond



About three weeks ago, we welcomed 2016 with clinking glassware and clamouring crowds.
Time froze – a short lived standstill – as we embraced dear friends and strangers alike while fireworks flew and confetti fell at our feet. After all the celebratory hullabaloo of the holiday’s, we’re now back to work, and it’s time to gear up for what’s ahead in 2016.


Azalead’s 2016 predictions for B2B Marketing

ABM. Every modern B2B marketer is well aware of the power this short abbreviation holds. In 2015, #ABM flooded our Twitter feeds, and everyone and their brother knew Account Based Marketing as the hottest trend in B2B marketing.

Prior to 2015, ABM was reserved for very large companies, but thanks to software companies like Azalead, adopting an ABM strategy for B2B companies of all sizes became affordable and easy to scale. Sales reps waved goodbye to cold calling and marketers clamped down on “spray and pray” marketing tactics, and instead focused collaboratively on the target accounts that mattered the most. For a full understanding of how ABM is favourably impacting the revenue of B2B companies, download High Performance ABM Capabilities, a 2015 Demand Metric Benchmark Report.


While ABM remains on the forefront for B2B marketers in 2016, there’s another acronym we’ll be seeing a heck of a lot of … and that is ABR short for Account Based Retargeting. Let us be the first to say that ABR coupled with your existing (and thriving) ABM program will undoubtedly help you win more target accounts faster. #ChaChing!

Account Based Retargeting helps convert target account browsers into buyers. Target prospects are retargeted with ads based on their behavior including web page visits, emails and ads viewed. Say sayonara to the 85% of website visitors of no interest and give a warm welcome to the accounts that count.


Not sure how ABR works?


Why is ABR so powerful?

Email marketing automation just doesn’t generate enough MQL’s (marketing qualified leads) from website traffic. That’s because over 95% of B2B website visitors leave without filling a webform, and over 80% of marketing emails never get opened. ABR complements marketing automation by identifying and retargeting “top of funnel” target account website visitors. That’s how you eliminate ad wastage and optimize your total marketing ROI.
Furthermore, ABR is a powerful new B2B marketing tactic for up-selling and cross-selling existing accounts and/or for winning new accounts. This alone is a reason to adopt an Account Based Retargeting strategy in 2016.

This year, it’s important for B2B marketers to build on the strategic ABM tools adopted in 2015, and complement them with highly tactical Account Based Retargeting. As John Legend said, “The future started yesterday, and we’re already late.” So what are you waiting for? Learn more about Account Based Marketing and Account Based Advertising today. Psst …we’d be happy to help!


Word on the web

We took a look at what other industry leaders have to say about future trends in B2B Marketing.

  • Continuing a pattern from previous years, 2016 will see the ongoing evolution of existing trends and usher in new concepts. “Content marketing, marketing automation, paid amplification and mobile optimization will all continue to be popular in the upcoming year.” (Business 2 Community, 2015).
  • B2BNews Network predicts 2016 will bring, “a continuing increase in digital marketing spending, better, more sophisticated content marketing strategies, and increase in use of strategic social media, and an increase in e-commerce sales.” (B2BNews Network, 2015).
  • Sean Callahan, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn interviewed ten marketing leaders and advertising agency executives, and asked them to share B2B trends they were keeping an eye on. Our favourite response was from Andrew Hickey, Owner, Bear & Beam Consulting.
    “Account Based Marketing makes a lot of sense for B2B marketing. With the amount of precision and targeting modern marketing technology allows, ABM is an effective way that organizations with complex B2B solutions can leverage their resources to gain and keep key, strategic accounts. I see this as a B2B trend in 2016, because the account based approach essentially requires marketing and sales to work in concert – which is still a big hurdle in a lot of organizations.” (Callahan, 2015).


No doubt we’ll see a lot of these predicted trends ring true — especially the continuing popularity of ABM and its equally as important counterpart ABR. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the #ABR … it’s going to be trending!

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