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Three back-to-the-basics tips for successful lead generation


Sometimes it is helpful to go back to the basics.

The number of tools and techniques available to marketers today is amazing! New digital techniques are constantly emerging and marketers are inundated with new concepts. All present themselves as the holy grail of marketing success: Big Data, scoring, lead nurturing, marketing automation, RTB platforms, retargeting…

While not underestimating the power of these new techniques and tools, you need to make sure that you already have a solid foundation before moving to the next big thing. For example, when prospects arrive at your site, do you have webforms in place to collect their contact information? A very obvious question, yet it’s surprising how many BtoB web sites do not yet offer this.

At Azalead, we completed a survey of 400 Hi-tech BtoB companies in France (software, IT services, media, internet, IT resellers) and we found that 60% of these companies do not even have a basic contact or information form on their homepage.   

Why then invest in digital if your visitors leave your site without being given the opportunity to leave an email address?

Here are 3 essential tips to put on your To Do List (if it is not done already!) :

  • 1- Target your strategic accounts with push campaigns, online and offline, in order to direct them to your website (email campaigns, display, retargeting, sponsoring specialized newsletters, purchase of key words, etc.).
  • 2- Imagine attractive offers to transform a maximum number of visitors into leads. Choose easy to deploy offers from your existing content: White Paper, product demo, newsletter, webinar, free trial, etc.
  • 3- Highlight your great content on your site. Add “calls-to-action” on the most visible areas of your web site. Use simple offers on your web site to promote your white papers, webinars, demo versions, etc.

Through these standard lead gen tactics you will be able to collect contact information for 2-4% of your website visitors. With regular testing and optimization, you should be able to reach up to a 5-6% conversion rate.

 To capture the 95% of website visitors that don’t leave their contact information,  you can implement an IP tracking and alert solution like Azalead. Tagging your website with Azalead Software will let you  1) identify anonymous visitors 2) target strategic accounts, 3) send real-time alerts to your sales teams for action.


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