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Azalead Raises €4.5 Million and Announces New Account Based Marketing Platform for B2B Ad Retargeting

Idinvest leads investment to accelerate growth and R&D

New York – December 15th, 2015 – Azalead, an international leader in B2B account based marketing software, announced today a €4.5M round of funding led by Idinvest Partners, along with historic investor Aurinvest, and the launch of its Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform that now serves display ads to specific target accounts.

The new B2B marketing software is built around Azalead’s patent pending Company ID technology that uses cookies and machine learning to detect the names of companies visiting a website even if they visit from unregistered IP’s. The Azalead platform draws data from the client’s website and a database of over 180 million international companies. The Azalead platform also integrates with the client’s existing CRM and marketing automation systems.

Azalead CEO, Nick Heys, announced “In 2015, over 70 B2B marketers worldwide turned to our Account Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to transform the way they market to their target accounts. This new round of funding led by Idinvest will help us accelerate our growth and product roadmap”.

“We chose Azalead’s ABM software to identify and engage with the right target accounts”, said Christelle Dhrif, Chief Marketing Officer at Sidetrade. “Now we can focus our marketing and advertising efforts on the accounts that count, which helps our sales team win more target accounts faster”.

In a December 2015 survey by Demand Metric on High Performance Account Based Marketing Capabilities, over two-thirds of the study participants reported that ABM is favorably impacting their revenue. The report is available here.

“We are excited about our investment in Azalead”, said Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest Partners. “Account Based Marketing is transforming the B2B marketing industry and we believe that Azalead has the right technology and management to become a global leader in this space.”

About Azalead Software

Azalead is the international B2B marketing platform for Account Based Marketing (ABM). Azalead enables marketers to identify, track and nurture target accounts with display ads even if they never fill in a webform. The Azalead platform is powered by patent pending Company ID technology that detects company visitors even if they visit from an unregistered IP address. The Azalead platform connects to existing sales and marketing technologies including Salesforce.com, MS Dynamics CRM, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot and Oracle Eloqua. Enterprise B2B companies such as Microsoft, Canopy and Reed Midem use Azalead to drive higher marketing ROI and win more target accounts faster. For more information, visit www.azalead.com

About IdInvest Partners

Idinvest Partners is a leader in European private equity and venture capital with over €6 billion under management. The firm’s software, IT and internet investments include Criteo (NASDAQ), Clear2Pay, Meetic, Talend, Scality, Sigfox, Kantox, Viadeo, Trace One and NGData. For more information, visit www.idinvest.com

About Aurinvest

Aurinvest is a venture capital fund founded in 2001. It is managed and funded by over fifty entrepreneurs and business leaders, alongside institutional investors. Aurinvest invests in high growth companies or ventures on the edge of an exciting journey. The fund invests in high growth companies, primarily in the technology space, and accompanies founders in the execution of their development plans. For more information, visit www.aurinvest.com

About Ader Finance

Ader Finance is the premier independent advisory firm for French technology entrepreneurs. Ader handles fundraising and M&A for the most innovative startups. Our team has completed over 150 successful transactions in software, mobile, media, e-commerce, IT and telecoms. www.ader.co

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