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Are you an ABM rock star?

Are you an ABM rock star? If you answered with a confident yes, then back it up with the ABM Report Card that benchmarks you against 500+ organizations by asking 8 simple questions.

Not so sure about your #ABMRockStar status? Need a little more backstory? Read on!


Rock star (noun) is defined as a person treated as a celebrity, especially one who inspires fanatical admiration. Eg. “She was a total rock star with paparazzi chasing her.”


Imagine being able to inspire your sales and marketing teams to that level of fanatical admiration? Yes, you have our full permission to picture yourself walking into your Monday morning meeting to an enthusiastic team, chanting your name.


Now we can’t promise chasing paparazzi, nor would we want to. We can, however, promise immense gratitude from your sales and marketing team, for having finally aligned them around the same target accounts.


At its core, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that aligns marketing and sales teams around the accounts they value the most. Through alignment, both teams have a shared set of expectations on what the other team does in terms of customer acquisition and revenue building activities.


A recent ABM Consortium study noted that more than 80% of the participants using ABM, state that it is one of the most important revenue generating strategies in use, and more than 2/3 of participants declared that ABM has a positive impact on their revenue.


With stats like these, no doubt you’ll want to reach ABM rock star status! Think you’re already #ABMRockStar? Either or, go ahead and take a minute to find our your ABM score to see how do you compare against a panel of 500 ABM programs from around the globe.


This is a really simple survey of 8 questions. At the end, you will get personalized recommendations for improving your ABM performance, and a couple of complimentary ABM reports. As a bonus, if you email your results to yourself you’ll also get complimentary copies of the research report and a white paper designed to provide additional direction to improve your ABM program.


You’ve got nothing to lose, and so many ABM insights to gain!