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Analyst David M. Raab features Azalead and ABM in his latest blogpost

2016, Feb 25th | Written by David M. Raab | @draab




Account Based Marketing. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?


Okay, just kidding: ABM gets just slightly less attention than Donald Trump and arguably generates a similar amount of confusion. Many of the industry vendors are addressing that problem (the confusion, not Trump) by working together in the Account Based Marketing Consortium which, among other things, has published an excellent survey and nifty six-level functional framework.

Download the ABM Consortium Report and the ABM Consortium White Paper.


The purpose of the framework is to help marketers understand the differences between ABM vendors. Let’s apply it to ABM Consortium member Azalead, a Paris-based firm that is planning to enter the U.S. market.


We’ll start with an overview of what Azalead does. It lets marketers create lists of target accounts by identifying Web site visitors …

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