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Advertising – does it still make sense for B2B marketing?

7/4/2016 | Written by Stephanie Kidder


B2B advertising


The digital revolution means it is much easier to monitor the results of an online campaign. We can track every click and how much was spent to get it. This is important because when you see a click you witness a direct return on your investment – and which makes the score in B2B marketing 1 – 0 for digital versus traditional advertising on paper.


Today, it’s less the hard sell of your products and services and more the marketing of your content that counts. Buyers in B2B are more inclined to opt for valuable content rather than tough sales talk about the product. Thanks to easy access to online content, buyers today are more independent and less dependent on sales teams to get the information they need to make a decision.


All this makes it even more important to be where the buyers are, and to really help them in their research. This is why advertising channels such as paid for referencing – that 52% of B2B marketers claim are effective – can be a wise investment. When you target key words used by prospects looking for information you can reach out to them directly during their research phase.


Indeed, it’s when they’re in this phase that content which educates them really counts for the B2B buyer. New technology – like identifying IP addresses or programming advertising – allows you to reach specific businesses with targeted messages and content rather than opting for a ‘spray and pray’ approach. The ability to really focus your advertising budget on strategic prospects will bring efficiency to your campaigns.


Conclusion: Advertising is more important than ever. And thanks to technological progress, advertising can be targeted and easier to measure. For B2C, you can possibly use a scatter approach for communications but the opposite is the case for B2B communications, where success means targeting strategic accounts.


It is no longer necessary to shoot in the dark – today you can target accounts that really matter to you with absolute precision.


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