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Account Based Retargeting

Turbocharge your marketing automation.
Nurture target accounts with personalized ads even if they never fill in a web form.

No more “Spray & Pray” with your ads. Now you can decide which companies to retarget.

Why is Account Based Retargeting so Powerful?

Email marketing automation just doesn’t generate enough MQL’s (marketing qualified leads) from website traffic. That’s because over 95% of B2B website visitors leave without filling a webform and over 80% of marketing emails never get opened.

Azalead complements marketing automation by identifying “top of funnel” target accounts who visit your website and then lets you decide which of them you want to retarget. That’s how you eliminate ad wastage and optimize your marketing ROI.

How Does Account Based Retargeting Work?

1. Target accounts visit your website anonymously. Most never fill in a webform.
2. Azalead identifies your target accounts – even if they don’t fill in a webform.
3. Your target accounts then leave your website.
4. Your target accounts see your ads while they surf the web.
5. You eliminate ad wastage by retargeting only select accounts.
6. Target accounts see more ads and convert faster.
Account based retargeting

Select Which Companies You Want to Reach

Account Based Retargeting is a powerful new B2B marketing tactic for up-selling and cross-selling existing accounts and/or for winning new accounts. Your retargeting list could cover the following types of accounts:

  • Existing clients
  • Website visitors that fit target account profile
  • Sales rep named accounts
  • Sales pipeline from your CRM system
  • Partners
Account based retargeting ad performance

Track Your Retargeting Results and Progress

Our dashboards show ad retargeting performance and analytics at an account level. Monitor reach, awareness and engagement. Understand which accounts are most engaged and which ones need more nurturing.