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Account Based Marketing (ABM) Defined

7/12/2014 Written Nick Heys


Originally coined by ITSMA, the term and practice has been around for over 10 years. ABM was initiated by large companies selling to other large companies as a demonstration of the trend away from mass marketing.


Account Based Marketing boils down to a FOCUS ON ACCOUNTS. It’s all about marketing to a defined group of key accounts most likely to provide revenue. ABM goes beyond the individual contact to influence all decision makers and influencers at an account level.


Recent breakthroughs in big-data, programmatic advertising and social marketing have led to an increase in adoption by B2B companies of all sizes.


Companies seeing the greatest benefit from ABM are Tech and Professional Services. With complex enterprise sales, these organizations are ideal candidates for this new approach.


The benefits of ABM include better sales & marketing alignment, faster sales growth and higher return on marketing investments.


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