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ABM – More than just a strategy, a philosophy!


Contrary to what one might think, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is not just for companies with big marketing budgets. It works for companies of all sizes because it concentrates limited sales & marketing ressources primarily on those accounts most likely to buy.

This white paper, written by Azalead co-founders Nick Heys and Hervé Paolini, explores a new growth opportunity for B2B companies. Used and advocated by major high tech firms like HP, Fujitsu, BT, HP and Accenture, Account Based Marketing has recently become an accessible strategy for B2B firms of all sizes thanks to new technology breakthroughs. When combined with company-based IP tracking, ABM becomes a powerful way to reduce lead-to-close times and increase the ROI of marketing budgets. In this document you will learn how to implement an account based marketing strategy in 10 steps.


Improving sales performance with Account Based Marketing

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