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Account Based Marketing explained to Early Adopters

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is the targeting and marketing to a defined group of key accounts most likely to provide revenue.

Did you know that “80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers” ? Focus your efforts only on prospects that have the same attributes as your 20% best customers, and give up on the rest!

Why should I implement Account Based Marketing?

ABM is used by forward thinking B2B marketers and sales teams to improve sales performance through a focus on strategic accounts, reduced cold calling, shorter sales cycles and higher deal conversion rates.

How should I choose my most desirable accounts?

1. Profile your best customer by identifying their common attributes:

  • Company specifics: industry, revenue, location, number of sales reps, etc.
  • Sales History: profitability, sales cycle
  • Industry attributes: level of innovation, equipment types, R&D investment, etc.
  • Strategic goals: winning a competitor’s customer, regional expansion, new market, etc.

2. Define a list of named target accounts

  • Identify sources who can provide contact information for companies with the same attributes as your best existing customers
  • Use external companies or qualify the companies that are in your sweet spot: company and contact names
  • Verify the different points of contact information (emails, phone numbers, address, web site, etc.)
  • Integrate these qualified leads into your CRM

3. Dispatch your target account list among your sales team: these named accounts should become the only focus of your sales & marketing teams. There will be nothing better than seeing your sales & marketing teams work together around these strategic accounts!


What shall I do once I have identified my list of named target accounts?

1. Build engaging content: “75% of executives will read unsolicited marketing material that contain ideas that might be relevant to their business such as success stories, white papers or webinar invitations”. Identify what is relevant to your targets and create your own content.

2. Plan and execute targeted email campaigns: Make a rolling 12 month plan, write copy and always include a call to action. Add a retargeting program to help you stay top of mind with your targeted accounts after they have left your website.

3. Become a player in your community: join the same groups as your target accounts on LinkedIn for example and send them relevant messages.

How can I accelerate sales with ABM ?

Your email, retargeting and search campaigns are going to drive qualified traffic to your website and only 2% will leave their contact details.

With Azalead you can identify these accounts when they are on your website. And with real-time alerts, your sales reps will be able to call their target accounts at the ideal moment in the sales cycle to accelerate sales performance.


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